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Gift Guide For Her

I'm intentional with my purchases and the items I choose as part of my daily life. I'm also diligent about shopping American made, and for quality items as much as possible. For these reasons I'm often asked what gifts I would recommend for someone shopping for the lady in their life-or simply all of you queens looking to invest in yourself.

I don't like cheap repeat purchases, and I'm wiling to wait and save in order to purchase a better option. I also like for my purchases to be practical and serve a significant purpose if possible. Some ladies believe that gifts should be exclusively indulgent. I love finding ways to make them act as both. Here’s my top five picks!

Once you snuggle with a Saranoni, you’ll never want another blanket. The kids and I steal them from one another on the regular, even though everyone has more than one to their name. Favorites even in the crib stage, our best sleeps happen when we’re all clutching our Saranoni. My kids love the toddler blankets and I love my chunky knit, ivory throw, and grand faux fur.

Pro Tip: You have to launder them correctly or you’ll compromise the integrity of their magical softness-Never toss in the dryer, ALWAYS hang dry-bonus points if it’s fresh mountain air!

If you’ve followed me for a minute, you know how much I love this clutch. Leather is my favorite color, and when our Fieldcraft Leathersmith pulled this out of his “trial and error pile” one spring and handed it to me, I was smitten. I used it for a while to see if the functionality and everyday use was as valuable as the “top shelf” American-made leather, and it has more than exceeded my expectations. Like good leather, it just gets better with time, and I constantly receive compliments on it by store clerks, flight attendants, and restaurant staff so I like to think I’m not supremely biased, and it really is that lovely!

I am so proud to have this item on my list, and even more proud of my sweet friend Jenna for having such an incredible and wildly successful product for plant-based skincare that is genuine magic. She uses the best quality rose-hip and jojoba base oils for this serum and adds in doTERRA oils that balance out skin tone and appearance, reduce blemishes, correct sebum production, and nourish your skin in all the best ways. I use her new Cleanse product as well for my face cleanser, and I even have the pure rose-hip auto ship to my house every 3 months so that I can blend up my own serum. If your skin is more oily in nature you may want to try the jojobae versus the standard skin bae with rose-hip.

I know skincare can often be a place where we skimp, but quality products are so important and the holidays is a fun time to kick start a new regiment that takes your skincare to the next level! Use Code TDEAMBER for free shipping on any purchase!

I love so much how this Tennessee based company has turned a family tradition into a memorable way to celebrate all of the valleys and mountains of life. I have a real affinity for investing in precious metals when possible, and having gold cast as a bracelet is a great way to wear that investment. This is such an incredibly sweet and sentimental way to honor yourself or a lady you love. I never take mine off, and I can't wait for a wrist filled with memorable bangles, To consider them "bartering items" may seem a little aggressive, but don't think my preparedness mentality hasn't gone there...

I love a good blade, and this is one of my favorites. It’s super light, the steel is incredible quality, sharpens like a dream, and looks so dang pretty. The butterfly logo on the blade is always an added bonus with any Benchmade knife. My personal favorite is the gray steel blade with the ranger green handle. Dreamy!


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