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Roadtrip Essentials With Kids

We Love Road Trips

and from the looks of my DM responses when I speak about it on the gram, y’all do as well, but there's often a question of HOW to keep little ones content.

The amount of intrigue over how we do this with no personal devices was interesting. This is absolutely not a judgement call, just parental discernment and the personal principle of teaching my children to be curious. If you’re seeking more tactile based fun for your kids, jump on it. My three Littles were rockstars when we did a 10 hour drive from Montana to Utah one summer, tracking what states we were in, marveling over the changes in the mountains, singing, telling me about their favorite memories from the two weeks of adventure prior to that, and eventually satiating their boredom by doing complete inventories on every first aid kit (and learning some new items and their uses in the process 😏).


If you’re hitting the road soon and need some inspiration, here’s what works for us-with a few extras thrown in from sweet followers here on the gram.



Happy Fun Chill Time (for when you need to calm everyone down) Real Cool History for Kids Truth Seekers


Hamilton (for older kiddos. Choose edited version) Wicked (“popuuuular”….) The Bible Album (The Greatest Story Ever Told) His Story The Musical (someone turned me onto this yesterday, it’s a Hamilton-ish spin on the life of Jesus. I’m already obsessing)

Fun Things

Coloring books (my favorite are Dover brand from Amazon to reflect our current learning subjects or our travel area)

Melissa and Doug large activity pads thread and yarn for bracelet making and braiding toy cars pop pop fidget toy fidget cube books (we love all the publications from @thegoodandthebeautiful) kids atlas and dry erase books for travel -visit my PDF link for a situational scavenger hunt you can print and play!


-Water. So much water. -jerkey -cheese sticks + summer sausage -pretzels -applesauce pouches -chips -candy (dye free + non gmo options like Yum, Annie’s, or Black Forest organics) -fruit + veggies precut and bagged -GUM. maybe… E’s hair is still growing back from that last mishap 😂


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