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Simple Lunches To Fuel Little Bodies

Food Matters, a lot

The food we eat fuels our energy levels, our mental stamina, and our emotions. Keeping kids eating well balanced whole and nourishing foods helps them in so many resilient ways.

From a mama who does lunch for all the Littles everyday, here’s a tip!

One platter, alfresco. Everyone share, everyone visit, everyone breathe in all the fresh air, and we’ll toss the crumbs to the dog and spray everything down with the hose when we’re done 👸🏼

Lunch favorites:

-grilled cheese on sourdough with chips or pretzels and veggies -quesadillas (cheese or leftover meats) with chips and salsa -bean burritos with veggies (see cook highlight) -pasta with butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan with veggies or fruit -crackers with cut cheese and ham with veggies and hummus (think: homemade lunchables) -quinoa+ rice (LOVE Seeds of Change) with baked chicken (rotisserie or breast) and pickles -peanut butter and honey on sourdough with bananas and grapes -DIY “salad bar”. Greens + peppers + cucs+ carrots + protein + evoo and lemon juice -ground turkey with roasted diced sweet potatoes and black beans -diced russet potatoes with cheese and sour cream -chicken or tuna salad with cracker or chips and veggies -Watermelon. Just watermelon. Only me? It’s a full meal. Trust me.


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